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  • FAQ


      1. Remove ground cover and pegs from bags, lay out ground cover.
      2. Remove bouncy castle from bag and place on ground cover- PLEASE NOTE HOW CASTLE WAS ROLLED AND FOLDED.
      3. Lift up Velcro flaps around the sides of castle and up the zips.
      4. Connect blower to one of the sleeves on the back side of castle, leave other sleeve lying flat on ground and open.
      5. Fix steel pegs into the ground through eyelets on the castle if required.
      6. Turn on blower and leave running during of castle usage.

      1. Turn off blower and remove from sleeve.
      2. Lift up Velcro and undo zips to deflate, remove ground pegs if in use.
      3. Gently walk over castle to help remove remaining air.
      4. Fold castle over as it was before it was removed from bag, start at one end and firmly start to roll up tight; you may need to do this twice to get all air out.
      5. Pull bag over one end of castle and slide castle in.
      6. Fold up ground cover and put in its bag, put pegs in their bag and put in ground cover bag.
      7. Put ground cover bag with pegs inside castle bag and tie off rope.