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  • E & G Solution Services T/A Bouncy Castle Kings Terms and Conditions of Hire

    • OWNERS OBLIGATIONS- The owner agrees to:
      1.  Do everything in its power to fulfil the contract entered into with the hirer.
      2.  Provide alternative solution for the hirer should the requested equipment not be available for any reason subject to availability.
      3. Be contactable by the hirer on 24/7 basis during the period of hire.
      4. Provide equipment in good working condition and fit for use upon pick up or delivery to the hirer.
      5.  Immediately supply replacement equipment subject to availability in the event of equipment breakdown.
    • Hirer’s Obligations – The Hirer agrees to-
      1. Take proper care of all equipment supplied by owner.
      2. Satisfy them that all equipment hired and supplied by owner is suitable for their needs.
      3. Ensure that all person that use the equipment are COMPETENT to use the equipment, use the equipment in a manner that is was designed to be used, follow any directions from the owner, local authorities, best codes of practice or from the manufacture of the equipment relating to the use and safety of the equipment. 
    • Contractual Obligations

      The person who signs the contract warrants that they have authority to bind the hirer, and will in any event, be personally liable for the performance of the obligations of the hirer. The person so signing the contract indemnifies the owner against all losses and costs that may be incurred by the owner arising out of the person so signing the contract failing to have such power or authority. The hirer shall accept liability or any injury or damage caused to the hirer or associate users and their property. 

    • Payment

      A deposit of 30% may be required at the time of booking; booking confirmations will be made on receipt of this money. The balance of payment can be made before hire period starts or no later than the start of the hire period. These payments will be accepted by cash or internet banking to the account number supplied. The hirer has the right to cancel the booking at any stage, if the booking is cancelled outside a seven working day period the owner will refund the deposit paid, if the hirer cancels the booking within a seven working day period it will be at the discretion of the owner to decide if a refund of all or part of the deposit us given.

    • Owners right to Cancel

      The owner may terminate the contract by notice with immediate effect if the owner believes that the hired equipment to be at risk for any reason what so ever including but not limited to, by the manner of its use by the hirer, adverse weather conditions or the hirer is being unable to, or potentially unable to pay any hire charges.

    • Breakdowns

      The owner is not liable for any loss suffered by the hirer or liability incurred by the hirer as result of a breakdown of equipment howsoever caused. In the event of a break down the hirer must immediately notify the owner by telephone and the owner will provide replacement equipment, subject to availability.    

    • Injury or damage to the hirer or third persons or property

      The hirer shall not have any claim against the owner for loss or damage suffered by the hirer as a result of the hirer’s use of the equipment and further the hirer will indemnify the owner against any claim by a third person in respect of any loss, injury or liability arising from the hire or arising out of the use of the equipment hired to the hirer. 

    • Due care and loss

      It is the hirer’s responsibility to guard against any loss or damaged caused to the hired equipment until returned or collected. The owner may invoice the hirer for loss, damage, excess use charge outside the agreed hire period. Equipment is expected ti be returned in good, clean working condition, if the owner deems it to be in unsatisfactory condition the owner has the right to invoice the hirer the full cost of cleaning or repairs to restore the equipment to the condition it was in at the time of pick up or delivery. In the case of loss the hirer shall indemnify the owner for the full coast of replacing the equipment.  

    • Limitation of Liability

      In entering into the contract, the hirer acknowledges that the owner has no liability to the hirer for any indirect consequential loss or damage or for any loss of profit (or any other form of economic loss) arising in connection with the contract (weather in contract or in tort) including that resulting from that of negligence of the owner or arising by the operation of law.

    • No Assignment

      The contract is personal to the hirer and is not able to be assigned whether in whole or in any part by the hirer. The hirer shall not sublet the equipment to any other person, but does not prevent the hirer allowing the use of hired equipment in conformity with these conditions.