• Our Bouncy Castle will be the cherry of your Party!

    The kids would love you for this. We are available for *School Galas, *Market Days, *Special Events, *Christmas Parties, *Sports Events, *Birthday Parties, *Fundraising

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  • Introducing our mega 950 Watt professional fog machine, this party fog machine is a compact and efficient unit made from tough metal construction for durability that can be used indoors or outdoors. The FM 950 has many features including, high pressure pump for high performance, dry and dense smoke for excellent visual effects, adjustable mounting bracket for flexibility of operation, 1 liter fluid tank with external visible glass. This great fogger is very efficient and uses very little fog fluid to produce an amazing amount of fog, perfect for haunted houses, stag prop for special effects, private party's and live band gigs creating a super party atmosphere even better if you are planning on having lighting at your event. Power supply is a standard household power point.

  • $30/day or hirer with a castle $20/day